Our Team

Kayleen Kelly

Professional Organizer | Author | Educator


Beginning the business in Jacksonville, FL in 2014 I wanted to build something beautiful and tap into my natural abilities and talents. I’ve had a knack for organizing and redesigning spaces since I was a little girl. Problem-solving, creative solutions, and being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Topped with the excitement and satisfaction of the ‘final reveal!’ It doesn’t get much better than that!

I quickly found my niche on the behavioral side of the industry. Specializing in chronic clutter, ADHD, and trauma informed care. Our environment strongly impacts our physical, mental and emotional health. Our belongings, many times, carry deep emotions, memories, and symbolize significant life experiences. Digging through not only the physical clutter but also the emotional clutter leads to huge breakthroughs that improve my client's lives for the long term. Many years later I have a wonderful team of women who are equally passionate about our work. And I’m incredibly lucky to have them by my side.

Susie Dondero, Lead Organizing Assistant


Susie has been with us since 2018 and brings a lot to the table! Previously owning a Home Organizing business in the early 2000's she helped Jacksonville families, business owners, and retirees get organized and simplify their lives. Also teaching adult education courses, for PTA organizations, and women's groups she thrives on educating the public. She is a nurturing teammate who encourages all of us every day and brings "Sunshine Susie" to every project!  

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