As a neurodivergent woman herself, Kayleen has brain-hacked her way through the decluttering and organizing process. By better understanding our behavior and retraining our brains we can overcome clutter. This is a fluid process that needs to be customized for you. Our team has transformed hundreds of homes and the key to long-lasting results is ease and education.

Our DeclutterCore™️ Decluttering Method is designed to reduce anxiety, increase focus and work with your brain—not against it. Learn how to set time limits for decision making, focus on functionality over perfection, and create visual systems to avoid the “out of sight out of mind” obstacle. Everyone can learn how to declutter and organize, even those of us with ADHD. And we are here to teach you how to finally turn this process into a habitual action and positive experience.


Someone does not have to be a therapist to be therapeutic. 

Trauma Informed Care means we can acknowledge and understand when clutter and disorganization may be rooted in trauma and ensure we navigate the process in a safe and healthy way. There are many experiences and events that may lead to trauma; injury, illness, loss of a loved one, history of poverty or divorce, to name a few. Our goal is to make sure you feel supported and cared for through every step of decluttering and organizing your home.  

How we implement the 6 Principles of Trauma Informed Care:  

  1. Safety: we foster an environment where you feel physically and psychologically safe. 
  2. Trustworthiness & Transparency: Our goal is to build and maintain your trust. 
  3. Peer Support: As a trauma survivor and mental health advocate we openly empathize. 
  4. Collaboration: Our focus is on creating a balanced partnership and meaningful relationship. 
  5. Empowerment: You are fully supported in your decision making, choice, and goal setting. 
  6. Cultural, Historical, Gender: We have actively opposed to cultural stereotypes and biases (e.g., based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.) and are responsive to racial, ethnic, and cultural needs.  
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